James and Rosanne have been married for over 25 years and  have 2 grown children Travis and Katherine and two beautiful grandchildren Taylor Rose and Jacob Alexander ( Travis and Sarah ).

With over 35 years of different ministry experience James is a Teacher / pastor, author, singer/songwriter musician and video producer. Flowing through the teaching of the word, music and the manifestations of the Spirit of God his teaching and music often times reflect the things that God has brought and has encouraged him through. His goal is not just to win souls to Christ but to disciple them into maturity of the Fathers image with a daily deeper maturing of Gods Knowledge , love and favor.

Rosanne operates in the area of one on one , exhortation and counseling. She is a certified ” Community Service Worker ” and  ” Office administrator ”  by trade.

In Nov of 2016 James felt called to move back to his hometown of Yarmouth Nova Scotia from Waterloo Ontario to take care of his father who has Alzheimers. In November of 2018  James was forced to put his father in a home after taking care of him for 2 years.

James currently operates in the role of Teacher/Preacher and singer and travels as an invited guest and conference speaker.

                                                  James and Rosanne   are Licensed with the 


                                                                       Toronto Ontario.